What is Airbrush Tanning

Hand Sprayed Airbrush vs Automated Spray Tan

 An airbrush spray tan is a hand sprayed tan that lasts between 7 and 10 days. Similar to the automated booth tan like Versa or Mystic minus the orange streak and chemical smell. The biggest difference between the automated booth and a hand sprayed airbrush tanning  is the accuracy and overall results. An auto tan gives you a poster on the wall describing 4-8 positions while our process includes an experienced spray tan tech, hand and feet protection, and a routine that includes 30+ positions.  How long does a spray Tan last? 7-10 days easy! Our owner's experience with getting spray tans as well as being an airbrush spray tan artist for 3+ years, has allowed us to create an experience that produces flawless natural color, every time. Book now in Arlington Tx or Dallas TX